Have you ever wanted to give a program on parliamentary procedure and wished that you had something was tried, tested and artistic?

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A former college Professor of Telecommunications, Robert McConnell, Ph. D., started Robert McConnell Productions in 1993.  The company quickly evolved into being a primary source for instructional videos on how use Robert's Rules of Order correctly in a meeting. We had the first web site in the Internet in the field of Parliamentary Procedure since 1994. We also wrote the popular book "Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified & Applied" (2001) which is found in major bookstores everywhere.  Our series of instructional DVD's about Robert's Rules are the most popular in the world in this topic. 

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Benefits of the "How to Run a Meeting"

  • 13 Short Easy Lessons
  • Flexible:  Choose which lesson and what order you want to present them.
  • Diverse Learning:  You can either read the slide and/or add your own information to enhance the information on each slide.
  • This package comes with two discs.   -  One is a CD where you can
  • present the power points and narrate them.  The second is a DVD which is all the power points narrated from beginning to end.
  • So you can make a choice of how you want to present it to your groups--with DVD or as CD.  The CD also includes test to use in a workshop setting with 56 true and false questions.
  • Essential to new business where knowing the basics of making a motion makes difference.

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"How to Run a Meeting"

"How to Conduct a Meeting"

"Robert's Rules of Order:  Simplified & Applied"
Robert McConnell Productions has a power point & DVD Combo, “How to Run a Meeting,”  a live action DVD “How to Conduct a Meeting,” and a book “Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified & Applied,” that you can use to train groups in the very basics of parliamentary procedure.   Buy this powerful package of instructional materials to introduce Robert's Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure to beginners. and intermediate learners alike.

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How to Run a Meeting

This is a DVD & CD combination including 2 separate disks.  The 20 minute DVD with visuals, graphics and narration plays through like any other DVD .  The CD includes the 13 separate (but related) Power Point mini lessons  including: Quorum, Agenda, Minutes, Approving the Minutes, Reports of Officers, Committee Reports, Unfinished Business and General Orders, New Business, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The CD allows the prrsenter to show all or some of the lessons in the order he chooses and to provide his own narration.  The content of the DVD and the CD is the same.

This DVD & CD combination is priced at $49.95 plus $5.00 S & H for a total price of $54.95.

How to Conduct a Meeting

(30 minutes long) made with student government officials from a Midwestern State University which takes people through an agenda from beginning to end. Under new business we go thoroughly into making a main motion, discussing it and voting on the motion. This too can be used in a workshop setting. 

This DVD is $70.50 with FREE Shipping